Colon hydrotherapy

There are three ways to clean the colon with hydrotherapy:
Enema-very useful for many therapies including coffee, wheat grass or probiotic infusions.
 Colema-a continual flow enema device, where the client releases waste/water through a hole in the table. Colema systems are commonly called "opened systems"
Colonics: A " closed-system," which sets it apart from the Enema or Colema. Colonics clean the entire colon well enough to become an approved method for colonoscopy prep.

The purpose of a colonic is to collect and remove toxic waste from the body. It is a natural breeding ground for bacteria. A compacted ir sluggish colon is often responsible for: Headaches, Obesity, Insomina, and Poor Sexual Response, to list a few.
Nature's law of preservation and hygien require and insist that this sewage system be cleansed regularly.

Cleansing Methods